Play Virtually or In Person

Play Virtually or In Person

What kind of Ooonimals player are you?

Are you shy and keep to yourself, yet fierce, intense and unapologetically determined to find the most rare Ooonimal that exists? Great, then playing virtually and sending in your trades to the Ooonimals Authentication Center is the best way to play for you. 

Playing virtually lets you find the most rare of Ooonimals from around the world. No need to go anywhere. Well send your trade right to your door. 

But if you are the kind of person that likes to get your fingernails dirty and loves the dynamic art of negotiating, then, in person trading is right for you. All you need is your creativity and flexibility in striking an agreement between the parties. Then just carry out the obligation of the deal by physically switching the Ooonimals between the traders. Your Ooonilgue will update in the app. The KNFTs will also switch and the blockchain will be updated. 

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