Hi we are Noam and Irene. We were on Shark Tank with our eco-friendly bamboo reusable paper towel, Bambooee. There we made a deal with Lori Griener and Bambooee took the world by storm.

We learned a lot from that experience. As creators we learned that Corporate America loves to copy ideas. We never had a problem creating things and with our success we felt empowered to keep going in spite of copycats.

But there was a point where we were spinning our wheels and we wanted to do more than make things for Targets and Walmarts. So, we decided to create a world (Oooniverse). We created a world of uniquely created characters that has worldwide intellectual property protections. And we made it, so the delivery system that connects with our customers was impossible to copy. We wanted to create a legacy, a world that would reward all of Man's honorable attributes such as; honor, friendliness, loyalty, good sportsmanship, fairness, politeness, dignity, admiration, love, etc.

In our world we wanted to create the rules, instead of having to bend over backwards for an unseen uncaring corporate accountant. In our vision of this world, you are welcome today, and will be part of our creative journey. If we put out good karma, it will come back to us ten fold.

This is why… we created Ooonimals. We have worked with a talented team and today we want to invite you to be a part of this project. What you see only skims the surface, we have a wonderous and adventurous roadmap.

We are inviting you to be part of the Founding Members of Ooonimals; to become a kid again and regain all those wonderful feelings of what being a kid meant. Where having the feeling of the hot summer sun on your face after a splash in the pool, or the carefree feeling of playing outside was such a pleasure.

Let’s just be kids again…and welcome, as your life will never be the same again.