Collect, Trade & Unlock Rewards

Collect, Trade & Unlock Rewards

What kind of Ooonimals Trader will you be?

Collecting: Collecting Ooonimals could be an over looked strategy to pay for college. Some Ooonimals are more rare than others and can increase in value. 

Trading: To make a well thought out trade, traders should analyze the value of the Mint or Jack they are trading. There are different metrics to take into consideration. The edition of the Ooonimal is important to know. First editions will be the most valuable. Rarity is also another factor to take into consideration. Some Ooonimals are more rare than others. 

The Ooonilogue can provide with the most detailed information. 

Unlocking Rewards: As you play and level up you will unlock important rewards not seen anywhere else in the game. 

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