Unlock Rare Easter Eggs

Unlock Rare Easter Eggs

Atari's 1977 arcade game Starship 1 features an "Easter egg" (a hidden secret or item), in which the message "Hi Ron!" is relayed on-screen and the player is awarded 10 extra lives.

Ooonimals Easter eggs are even more exciting.

There are two types of Easter Eggs: Standard and VIP

We don't want to give away the fun of finding the Easter eggs. But one thing we will tell you it that unlocking Easter Eggs is a two step process. Once you find one you will be promoted for more information to unlock the Easter Egg. 

Once the Easter Egg is unlocked you will receive the prize. If you have a VIP Easter Egg you will receive something very special. 

Trading an Ooonimal with an Easter Egg will give the new owner a chance to unlock the Easter Egg as well. 

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